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lowest interest rates to helping fulfil a diverse variety of needs.

Gold Loan Interest Rate- 50 paise

A gold loan or a loan against gold is a secured loan which customers can avail from NilesGold in lieu of gold  ornaments like gold jewellery. It is the easiest way to fulfil your financial needs and proves to be a sensible alternative to availing loans from banking channels.

When it comes to taking a gold loan by NilesGold, you are ensured of complete customer satisfaction. With quick loan disbursals and attractive rates of interests, NilesGold offers complete ease along with an exemplary experience. Numerous people on the lookout for gold loan providers put their faith in us as we have the largest gold loan portfolio in the country.

So, when you search for ‘gold loan near me’, we want you to think of us. We provide the best gold loan at the lowest interest rates to helping fulfil a diverse variety of needs.

Gold Loan at 50 paise Interest

Quick Loan Disbursal

Minimum Loan Amount of 3000 with No Max Limit

Minimal Documentation

In-House Gold Evaluation

Pre and Part Payment Options

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What is a Gold Loan?

Gold loans act as the quickest and easiest way to get funds for business or personal requirements. A gold loan is a secured loan which a borrower takes from the lender in lieu of gold ornaments. The loan amount that lenders sanction is typically a certain percentage of the gold’s value. Like any other loan, you can repay this with the help of monthly instalments and once the loan has been fully repaid, you receive back your gold articles.

Factors like the purity of gold used to make the jewellery, rate of gold on the particular date, and many more impact the loan amount that you get against the gold ornaments you pledged with the lender.

As opposed to other secured loans like a car loan or home loan, there are zero restrictions on the gold loan’s end use. A gold loan proves to be an effective means to fulfil a sudden requirement of money, be it for a business venture or your kid’s education. You can easily check your gold loan eligibility on our website if you wish to avail a gold loan.

As one of the highly reputed gold loan providers in India, NilesGold has a widespread reach and is a name you can trust. We are known for the different types of services we provide so rest assured as we ensure an amiable experience throughout for our customers. 

Features of Gold Loan

There are some cases in which we have to borrow money on an urgent basis in order to meet pressing needs. In such situations, one can think of opting for a gold loan. If you have sufficient gold assets with you, you can avail a gold loan by using them as collateral.

Here are the key features offered by a gold loan:

  • A gold loan is an easy and quick way of meeting one’s financial needs as opposed to other loans.
  • There is no requirement of a good credit history to get a gold loan as it is a secured loan.
  • The loan disbursal time is minimal.
  • The paperwork involved is quick and seamless. This is because gold is the collateral which you deposit with the lender.
Why Choose a Gold Loan?

Choose a Gold Loan?

Here are the top reasons why people choose gold loan:

  • You get easy and quick financing at attractive interest rates when you avail a gold loan.
  • Minimum amount of documentation is required.
  • Quick disbursement of the loan.
  • When compared to most of the other loan options, gold loans feature an interest rate that is low.

At NilesGold, you can avail the best interest rates when you avail a gold loan.