Niles Gold India


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    Types of Business:

    * Gold Loan @50paise
    * Used Gold buying
    * Used Silver buying


    Key Features:

    Assured Daily Profit(Example:1000000=10000rs/day)
    *Area of Business at Your Choice
    * Your Money is in your hand 


    For Business Establishment

    Pawn Broker License for Gold Loan
    * Pawn Broker License NOT Mandatory for old gold and silver buying 

    Niles Gold India Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified Company engaged in
    Business Since 2020.

    Our Area of Business covers Gold Loan, Purchase of Old Gold and Silver through

    We Focus to expand our Business with Authorized Franchise across the country with
    Zero Franchise Deposit. 

    For Business Support we offer Rental, EB, TB with Highly Experienced Official and
    Appraiser to the Franchise at our Cost. 

    Our Vision is 50 paise interest for gold loan at maximum releasing period of 36 months.
    *Our Mission is, customer from every corner can avail our service of lowest interest.

    Franchise and Customer Support 24X7.